Whisper – Scream

Bogotá – Colombia

Soundcloud: Whisper
Facebook: Whisper

“Whisper EP” got signed for the international record label called “Hi Headz” from Serbia which is at the moment one of their greatest successes regarding the fact that many legends of the urban jungle sound released tunes for “Hi Headz” such as Bay B Kane and Genotype just to name a few…

Whisper’s sound surges from dark city alleys, damaged states of mind and a bit of pure urban art which makes Whisper an innovator in the world of triphop and modern downtempo.

The project consist of two artists coming from two completely different musical experiences.
-Submassive (Producer/Compositor/Vocalist) is hailing from Serbia coming from a very shady rap/rapcore past that evolved to deep/neuro drum and bass gaining his reputation as one of the pioneers of the modern drum and bass movement in Colombia where he lives nowadays.
-Crystal (Compositor/Vocalist) surges from pure latin salsa roots from which she progressed to more rock-like sounds finally getting to make latin urbanized fusion music gaining a lot of musical skills which she finally gets to show us in Whisper alongside Submassive.

In just one year from their first song “Mindless” they got to play in various radio stations, parties and festivals and also finishing their debut EP which is actually a collection of their best songs that they did in the period 2013-2014.