Zayn Malik and August Alsina on the newly-leaked remix “Don’t Matter”

In the digital age, leaks have become one of the artistsgreatest fears: to see how their unpublished music ends up in social networks available to anyone for free and, what is worse, before they can give the final touches or their approval.

That’s exactly what happened to Zayn Malik this past weekend. He was the victim of a recent leak, of his new collaboration with rapper August Alsina entitled “Don’t Matter (Remixa)"One project he did not plan or wish to include among the themes of his next musical material. But due to the lack of professionalism of someone who decided to release it without permission, this one ended up circulating in the virtual sphere. So the artist decided to take the theme and give it away on his website, as a remix made by August Alsina.

As you see, a complicated situation. The British wanted to downplay this fact and has shown that he cares about his fans and that he does everything for them, and that he has published this song completely free of charge. So anyone, anywhere in the world, can enjoy “Don’t Matter (Remixa)" without spending a single euro.

For Malik, his fans are much more important than astupid filtrationas he comments and opted for the free download of the subject, before releasing new material. In just a few hours, the web space collapsed due to the increase in traffic caused by all the star’s fans eager to hear the song.

We are before a true great song, that returns to pick up that essence of Zayn Malik that we had not been able to enjoy too much during his stage in the band. A fresh song, which brings very good feelings and is very worth listening to. You have no excuse for not doing it.

The track itself builds upon August’s original, which dropped back in June, adding a Zayn verse that follows a raunchy theme with a reference to the late great Baby Girl.

“We rockin’ the boat ’cause you look like Aaliyah to me,” he sings. “One in a million, you one of a kind / Baby you know you be blowin’ my mind / All of my neighbors they wanna know why.”

The former One Direction star tackled the leak on Twitter, confirming that, Dopotutto, it was not meant to be launched.

“This was not a song I intended to put out, but due to unprofessionalism has been leaked by someone and my fans mean more to me than a stupid leak, so here it is free for you to enjoy, before my music drops 🙂 love z”, wrote Zayn.

This gesture of Zayn also had the approval of the other affected by the leak, August, who did not hesitate to applaud his decision and, incidentally, dissociate himself from any possible error on his part that could have caused the uncomfortable situation in which both they were.

“Zayn, I’m sending an abundance of love to you! You are my brother, io sono tuo. Non so come sia successo, ma modo di fare, Limoni in limonata. (& a great batch, might I add) we do great work together. Mashallah King!"

La persona di cui Malik parla è sconosciuta, but then he gavegreat loveto Alsina on Twitter.

Alsina’s next album, Drugs, remains in limbo. In November, the R & B singer blamed Def Jam for the delay, saying that the label had him as ahostage”. Meanwhile, Malik is working on his second album, un follow-up the Mind of Mine di 2016, possibly his single with the Australian singer Sia, “Dusk Till Dawn”, is part of the list of songs.

Do not miss it! You can listen to Don’t Matter (Remixa) in this video. You’re going to love it!

August Alsina x ZAYN - Don't Matter (Remixa) Lyrics
August Alsina x ZAYN - Don't Matter (Remixa) Lyrics

Zayn Malik has published this song completely free of charge. So anyone, anywhere in the world, can enjoy “Don’t Matter (Remixa)"