Rejjie Snow Shares a New video forCharlie Brown

Rejjie Snow has finally released a music video for “Charlie Brown” The track which features Norwegian singer Anna Of The North. The single is a silky smooth cover of Republic Of Loose’s 2008 hit “The Steady Song” and serves as an homage to his Irish roots.

Visiting the parents of a significant other is often an awkward experience, but Rejjie Snow takes that scenario to a whole new level in his new video forCharlie Brown.

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La vidéo, was shot in Mexico, and directed by Monica Gonzalez-Carter. The clip begins with Snow visiting his girlfriend’s family for dinner, and gives an unearthly take on meeting the parents. The single itself is an homage to Rejjie’s Irish roots.

Things get trippy and really uncomfortable as ever in the Monica Gonzalez-Carter-directed visual. Once he takes a sip of a mysterious pink drink, the wild scenes and hallucinations really start to kick in, grotesque human hands and feet start growing faces. Snow is hilariously seduced by his girlfriend’s mother in the comfort of her overly saturated home. Sometimes, there’s a risk when you keep the family too close

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Getting the opportunity to shoot in Mexico was really cool,” he told Complex of the experience in making this video. “I worked with the director Monica before and she told me to come out there so it was amazing to make it happen. This tune is one of my favorite Republic of Loose records so it was amazing to be able to put my twist on it. The video is weird and I’ll let it speak for itself.

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Rejjie is a scene unto himself; he lives wherever the songs send him, making albums in the middle of making other albums, and tangling words into beautifully complex knots that blur biography with fantasy over a shifting mass of rainy loops, technicolour keys, and trippy percussion. His deep and otherworldly voice is capable of riding a beat with metronomic precision. In his own manner, Rejjie croons and rhymes equally while brandishing his heart proudly on his sleeve.

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DEAR ANNIE is a genre-spanning opus of 20 tracks that features production from Kaytranada, Cam O’bi, Rahki, and Lewis Ofman, with guest appearances from Aminé, Jesse James Solomon andAnna of the North. DEAR ANNIE is an invitation to embark on a journey to the surreal depths of his soul, from the jet-setting escapism of ‘Egyptian Luvr’ and ‘Mon Amour’ to the visceral otherworldliness of ‘Spaceships’

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Coupled with the song’s falsetto vocals and quirky musical pallette based on the original Irish hit by Republic of Loose, “The Steady Song,” it’s a pretty safe bet this is unlike anything else you’ll watch today. We can always count on Snow for his originality.

Rejjie Snow Shares a New video for "Charlie Brown"
Rejjie Snow Shares a New video for "Charlie Brown"
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Visiting the parents of a significant other is often an awkward experience, but Rejjie Snow takes that scenario to a whole new level in his new video for "Charlie Brown."